I love organising! I love makeup! Put the two together and I am in heaven!!!

Ben Nye Matte HD Foundation in Vueset Palette

I recently depotted and organised my Ben Nye Creme products into an empty Vueset palette I had in my “stash” drawer. Vueset palettes are a game changer for any pro makeup artist. If you haven’t got some, I suggest you do! I order mine from http://www.makeupandglow.com.au.

Let’s get started:

What you’ll need:

Ben Nye Matte HD Foundation Palette

Tools for depotting cremes

The creme product you are planning to depot.

A surface to place product if you need to mash your product first - I always do this especially with lipsticks because otherwise you end up with little chunks in the mix which isn’t great when you’re applying on clients. It also removes air from the product so you will get more product in your palette and reduce possible contamination. I use my stainless steel palette. You can also use baking paper which I love to use when I’m depotting lipsticks saving myself a lot of mess!

Two spatulas - I have a rigid and a flexible painter’s spatula. A flexible spatula makes it so much easier to scrape product off your palette.

Alcohol spray for sterilising - hygiene is a MUST!


Label Maker - So that you know what everything is at the end. When I depot, I use a notebook and draw a grid of my palette I’m depotting into and I write what I depot as I go. This saves so much time later if you get mixed up #beentheredonethat:( You can use stickers that you write on but over time they fade or smudge and just don’t look as pretty IMO.

When depotting, I spend a considerable amount of time planning out how my palette will look taking into consideration both functionality and presentation of the final product. With a foundation palette, it’s pretty easy. I suggest going with what’s already in the palette and from the lightest to darkest shade. Each Ben Nye foundation round is removable from the palette through a clip system. Once depotted, you can fit one round into one Vueset palette rectanangle - Perfection!

Ben Nye Matte HD Foundation

Ben Nye Matte HD Foundation

Ben Nye Matte HD Foundation depotted into Vueset Palette

Before you start, ensure you spray everything you will be using with alcohol spray and let it air dry. Do not blow on ANYTHING! Hygiene is paramount. When depotting, take a small amount at a time and push it down into your Vueset rectangle. It’s important to mash the product up and down so that the air is removed - if you don’t do this you won’t have enough room and air-reduction is essential to retaining product viability. Make sure to check the bottom of your Vueset palette to make sure there are no air bubbles.

The thing that I REALLY love about these palettes - not just that they are durable and space saving - is that when you look at the product from the bottom you get such a clear sense of the texture, the colour depth and tone, and whether there is any shimmeriness that is present in the product.

Vueset palette view from underneath

Finally it’s time to label - I use a 3mm tape and small font but I still need to cut down the tape after I’ve printed so that as much of the product is as visible as possible. I did notice that I wrote ‘Av Lait’ instead of ‘Au Lait’ on one of the colours but while the perfectionist in me screamed I didn’t bother reprinting.

Labelled Vueset Palette contained Ben Nye Matte HD Foundations

And there you have it! A brand new palette. Less than half the size of what was there before with better access and visibility of your product.

If you like what you see or have any other tips, let me know in the comments section below!

P.S. I know you can see that there’s more in this palette than I’ve shown you today - but that’s for another post :)

Karina x

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